NY Skyline GN 7554 Thierry Vanhuysse

Foto NY Skyline GN 7554 op plexiglas van Thierry Vanhuysse

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Foto op plexiglas NY Skyline GN 7554 van Thierry Vanhuysse

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Over Thierry Vanhuysse:

Thierry Vanhuysse, a 36 year old Belgian based photographer has a deep passion for creating images which implement certain emotions on people.
He does this by creating several of his images using Long Exposures Techniques. His goal is to let people see images which are very recognizable to everyone, but in fact can never be seen in reality with our own eyes and in our own perception. Seeing images that took several minutes to create is impossible to see in real life. This allows Thierry to create something that gives the impression to be several steps away from reality.
He loves to take that step away from the daily reality that surrounds us and involuntary pushes us into certain situations, decisions or emotions.
His images are mainly taken in cities, but also landscapes and nature draw Thierry’s attention.
He loves visiting foreign countries and has been to lots of interesting countries so far, with many more to come.