Purification GN 4536 Igor Vasiliadis

Foto Purification GN 4536 van Igor Vasiliadis

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Foto Purification GN 4536 van Igor Vasiliadis

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Over Igor Vasiliadis:

Igor Vasiliadis, born in 1972 in Athens, Greece. Due to a fascist coup that took place in Greece, he and his family moved to Russia. At the asstonishing young age of 6 he started making photographs and developed his first Black and White film.
In 2000 he started his professional photography career. Since that time he has made over 100 magazine covers.

He loves to use old techniques and equipment with long, up to one minute exposures, because this gives him the time to experience the soul of his models to come out from deep inside. All vibrations of the body, all temporary emotions and insignificant thought reflections are averaged and disappear… All the magic of the real beauty stays and reinforces his pictures greatly.

Each beauty uncovers itself as particular implication of eternal great substance, driving our civilization forward and caring about it at the same time… Igor shoots directly on blackened silver plates 8×10” activated with cadmium solts contained in emulsion. These techniques are similar to wet plates that were used in the mids of the nineteenth century with some minor improvements and differences. He also sometimes uses ambrotypes. For finishing he uses scanning plates for large format prints or contact print on albumen paper.